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Musical Experiences For Children presents "Sweet Rhymes and Verses" and "Story Time Sing-Alongs" by Rebecca Jane Flanagan. A collection of finger plays, action rhymes and movement songs for young children in the home, preschool or primary school classroom.

Suitable for children 7 and under, this audio CD has been created to empower parents and educators with the confidence to sing with their children anytime, anywhere. This resource is primarily a training resource designed to support you to develop a music and movement repertoire of songs and rhymes that are perfect for small or large groups of children in both indoor and outdoor learning environments. Rebecca's voice can be heard singing all the melodies and lyrics. However, to keep the focus of the resource as a training support there is no musical accompaniment. 

The tracks on the double CD kit promote a connection to the natural world, with lovely songs such as Flutter Butterfly, Autumn Leaves, Once I had a Cherry Stone, Little Nimble Numbat, and "Walking through the Bushland". The CD is accompanied by a little songbook that not only includes all the lyrics and actions for the songs, but also ideas for learning and play experiences, inquiry projects and a selection of complementing children's literature.

Would you like to listen to a sneak peek? "Five Little Ladybirds" - Track No. 3 on "Story Time Sing-Alongs" -little-ladybirds


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