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Children's Shows

"The Christmas Tree Fairy"

The children will be swept up in the magic and wonder of the beautiful Christmas Tree Fairy as  she tells the story of the littlest Christmas Tree. Children will be invited to join in jolly Christmas singing and dancing, and will make a special Christmas wish with Fairy Rebecca. 

"A Fairy Merry Christmas"

An interactive musical session which will see the children singing and dancing and storytelling. Enquire with Rebecca to find out more!

"A Visit from the Nature Pixie"

The Nature Pixie tells the story of the delightful little bush babies from the tallest gum tree in Australia! Singing, dancing, pixie dust and puppets feature in this special show.

"Nature Pixie's Bush Christmas"

A festive extravaganza of fun and mischief as the little bush babies search for the magical rainbow Christmas tree on Christmas Eve!

"Nature Pixie's Art Workshops"

The Nature Pixie also runs creative art, singing and story-time workshops where the children will learn about caring for the environment and be invited to make their own little turtle, echidna or bush pixie to take home!

Choose from:

"Nature Pixie and Myrtle the Turtle"

"Nature Pixie and Edna the Echidna"

"Nature Pixie and her friends - The Bushland Pixies"

Becky Buckaroo's Ooey Gooey Stew

Becky Buckaroo loves nothing more than to share tales of her adventures in the Australian outback. Join her as she involves the children in the hands on story with lots of role play and cooking malarkey! Singing, dancing and playing bush percussion instruments gets the children moving and makes this imaginative experience one they will be re-creating over and over in their play.

As seen LIVE ON STAGE at the 2017 Kids Interactive Theatre Program for the City of South Perth

Available for incursions as a stage show or to include an interactive creative experience!

"Ocean Magic"

There lived a mermaid long ago...... Ocean Magic is an enchanting storytelling show for young children. This interactive, magical experience sees Ocean Princess "Sapphire" 

tell a story about her friends, the mermaids and pirates, in which the audience will be involved in singing and dancing to delightful songs and imaginative music. 

"Adventures with Rainbow Butterfly"

Rainbow Butterfly lives in a beautiful garden full of delightful garden creatures. A lovely tale of friendship is told during this enchanting science based musical story, with plenty of audience participation, singing and dancing of course!

Also available as a creative art, musical story-time workshop with a science focus where the children are invited to make their own rainbow butterfly.

The Nature Pixie's "Bushland Pixie" musical storytelling and art workshop promotes friendship, belonging, problem solving, working together, a sense of unity and the unique magic of being YOU. The children will listen to a story around the pixie ring and create their own bushland pixies using clay, sticks, leaves and other materials.

Music Around The Pixie Ring

A very special musical play experience for children (and it also doubles as a little PD session for the lovely teachers in the room too!) Perfect for very young children who might struggle to sit in an audience to watch a storytelling show (although my shows are always very well received by young children due to the interactive nature and music and movement)

Appropriate for all ages as I will structure the session based on the booking requirements  This session runs between half and hour to one full hour depending on the age of the children. Best suited to small groups of very young children or a limit of one class of students.

"A Marvellous Musical with Mary"

Miss Mary explores wind and air with the children and tells a mysterious story about travelling on a magic carpet to a faraway land. Let's all jump aboard our own flying carpets and join Miss Mary on her wonderful adventure! There is singing and dancing, musical instruments to play and bubbles too! What a jolly time we will have together!

"Mary's Marvellous Kites"

Let's go fly a kite...... Miss Mary runs a creative art, music and movement workshop with a science focus where the children  will explore the wind, floating and flying. The children will be invited to interact with musical scarves and are invited to make their own kite to take home.

"Dorothy's Rainbow Delights"

Somewhere over the rainbow.... Miss Dorothy runs a creative art, music and movement workshop with a science focus where the children are able to interact with musical scarves and are invited to make their own rainbow reflector to take home.

"Maria's Music Excites"

These are a few of my favourite things..... Miss Maria runs a creative art, music and movement workshop with a music appreciation focus where the children are able to interact with musical instruments and are invited to make their own instrument to take home.

"Miss Petal in the Artist's Garden"

Miss Petal runs a creative art, singing and story-time workshop with an artist appreciation focus where the children are able to discover the famous works of the world's great painters. We will look at colour, line and techniques, and the children will be invited to make their own masterpiece to take home.

Choose from:

Starry Night  ~ Van Gogh / Waterlilies ~ Monet / Circles ~ Kandinsky / L'Escargot ~ Matisse      


"Easter Tales with Ballerina Bunny"

Ballerina Bunny  loves to sing and dance with children! She knows a secret about how the Easter bunny came to be and, with the help of the children, tells the delightful Australian Easter tale with special little storytelling props.

"Garden Tales with Ballerina Bunny"

Ballerina Bunny tells the tale of a cheeky little rabbit who is very mischievous and hops into someone's garden for some yummy veges!

Children's imaginations will be taken on a wonderful adventure as they help to tell the story and of course there will be lots of singing, dancing and fun to be enjoyed by all!

Storytelling shows usually run for a length of 45 minutes and art workshops for 1 hour. 
My sessions are best suited to children aged 3-7 years, however I am able to tailor them to suit younger audiences on request.