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Rebecca Jane Flanagan

  Musical Experiences For Children

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Mrs Sue Brien, Children's Librarian, Riverton Library

 “Christmas Tree Fairy” and “Ballerina Bunny” performances were presented as after school “special events” at Riverton Library.

"Rebecca performed each of these shows at Riverton Library to audiences of approximately 90 children, many of whom were below school age, accompanied by parents and other family members.  Her seasonally-themed storytelling was enhanced by frequent interludes of singing and dancing with opportunities for everyone to participate. Many of the budding ballerinas in each audience arrived suitably attired in tutus and were entranced by the “real ballerina” performing right in front of their eyes! Rebecca’s operatic quality singing was a highlight, with library users beyond the intended audience enjoying the free performance!

Rebecca’s every performance is also a visual feast – from her costume to displays and props,  a myriad of appropriate, eye-catching details delight the eye and keep  young audience members engaged. Ballerina Bunny’s collection of coloured eggs and tiny baskets were an almost irresistible attraction with every child hoping to be chosen to participate in the story’s action. As a finale, “Ballerina Bunny” distributed Easter eggs from a hidden basket that appeared “as if by magic”! 

Rebecca is sure of a large and enthusiastic audience whenever she may visit Riverton Library again."


Ms Lisa Brooks, Kindergarten Teacher, St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School


“Rebecca performed the Christmas Tree Fairy for our Kindy and Pre-Primary children and they along with the teachers thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the show. Rebecca held the children's attention and they were taken to a magical land through her amazing storytelling and beautiful singing. The children loved singing along with the Christmas Tree Fairy and following along with the actions. I would recommend Rebecca's Musical Incursions to all Early Childhood classes that want to provide that something  special for their students!"


Mrs Anne Miller, Year 2 Teacher, All Saints’ College


“Your performance was enchanting, captivating and the message was beautiful. Your voice is amazing when you sing and the students couldn’t take their eyes off you. I enjoyed it immensely too! Your storytelling skill is expressive and charismatic for all. Thank you once again."