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Storytelling Incursions

Traditional Fairytales

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

My name is Aria Belle, and I have a very famous sister..... Her name is Goldilocks! This classic tale comes to life as I use all of my very special storytelling skills, but I'm going to need lots of help from the auidence, with lots of singing and dancing of course! My teddy friends, The Three Bears, will  join us and I would love for your ted to come along too!  



Two wonderful shows on offer! "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" or "A Very Moo-sical Day featuring The Three Little Pigs."

Classic fairytales brought to life!  Full of educational goodness and a rich learning experience that the children will be captivated by.  The children will participate in the story and there will be musical instruments, delightful props and an array of storytelling skills on display as we sing and play together on the special day Becky Buckaroo comes for a visit! 

Fair dinkum, Bonza!


Festive Stories

"The Little Christmas Tree"

The children will be swept up in wonder when they listen to the story of the littlest Christmas tree in the forest, as told by the beautiful Christmas Tree Fairy. Alternatively, this session can have a Christian focus and feature the Nativity story as well. This is a special experience with lovely props that will delight young children and includes messages about resilience, kindness and hope, whilst celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.


"A Fairy Merry Christmas"

Personalised visits to your individual classroom makes this a very special experience. An interactive  session which will see the children singing and storytelling. There will be a range of props used during this session, such as rainbow scarves, bubbles, percussion instruments and more! Depending on your setting, this session could also feature Christian festive songs.

Please note - this session is only suitable for one class at a time

Additional requested activity:

This session could also include making magical reindeer food, or there is the option to make the session shorter without this element.


Fairy Rebecca is also available for your Christmas celebration events!

This includes a 30 minute singing and storytelling show followed by roving within the crowd to meet and greet, pose for photos, blow bubbles and make fairy wishes with the children.


"Ballerina Bunny's Australian Easter Tale"

With the help of the children, Ballerina Bunny tells the delightful Australian Easter tale of how one year the Easter Bunny was actually the Easter Bilby! Very special storytelling props, including the beautiful storytelling table will bring this tale to life. This storytelling show is packed with lots of wonderful singing and dancing and audience participation of course!


"Garden Tales with Ballerina Bunny"

Ballerina Bunny tells the tale of a cheeky little rabbit who is very mischievous and hops into someone's garden for some yummy veges! This is a lovely option as an alternative to the Easter show, and can be booked at any time of the year with a lovely focus on gardens, growing, healthy foods and caring for animals. 


Australian Focus

"A Visit from the Nature Pixie"

The Nature Pixie tells the story of the delightful little Rascal and Pip, the bush buddies who live in the tallest gum tree in Australia! They go on adventure one day on a bush walk and meet lots of new friends. Singing, pixie magic and Australian animal puppets and props feature in this special storytelling show. The Nature Pixie focuses on themes of being safe, friendship, kindness and caring for our world.


"Nature Pixie's Bush Christmas"

A festive extravaganza of fun and mischief as Rascal and Pip the bush buddies go on an interactive search for the magical rainbow Christmas tree on Christmas Eve! They meet lots of Australian bush friends along the way and learn all about the true meaning of friendship and a beautiful message about Christmas.

Additional requested activity:

This session could also feature the inclusion of making magical nature pixie wands as a festive added extra!


The Nature Pixie's "Bushland Pixie"   
This storytelling and art session promotes friendship, belonging, problem solving, working together, a sense of unity and the unique magic of being YOU. The children will listen to a special story around the pixie ring and create their own bushland pixies using clay, sticks, leaves and other special materials provided by the nature pixie.

Please note - this session is suitable for only one class at a time due to the art aspect. 

Alternative activity:
This session can alternatively feature the children making echidnas with a special sustainable dough mixture as we focus on bush animals.


Becky Buckaroo's Ooey Gooey Stew

Becky Buckaroo loves nothing more than to share tales of her adventures in the Australian outback. Join her as she involves the children in the hands on story with lots of role play and cooking malarkey!  See Becky transform into a very cheeky character from the story before your eyes! Singing and playing bush percussion instruments makes this an unforgettable experience!


Science and The World
Around Us

"Ocean Kindness"

There lived a mermaid long ago......

 Ocean Magic is an enchanting storytelling show for young children. This interactive, environment focused experience sees Ocean Princess "Sapphire" tell the story of her friend Kwilana the dolphin as she discovers plastic in the ocean. Mermaids, pirates and more sea creatures feature in this imaginative ocean tale.

Additional requested activity: 

An art element is also available as an additional extra where the children could make their magical mermaid eggs, sea turtles or rainbow coral.


The Five Senses 

with Fairy Rebecca

A very special musical storytime where children will delight in enchanting storytelling and join in singing, dancing and music making. There will be a focus on all five senses in an imaginative fairy tea party and then an interactive story focused on sound. We will then play musical instruments together!

Please note - this session is best suited for one class at a time 

Additional requested activity: 
The children could create their own musical shaker instruments with me that we will then use in the session and the children will be able to take home. 


"Adventures with Rainbow Butterfly"

Rainbow Butterfly lives in a beautiful garden full of delightful garden creatures. A lovely tale of friendship is told during this enchanting science based musical story, with plenty of audience participation of course!

Additional requested activity:

Also available as a creative arts & science experience where the children could make their own rainbow butterfly or rainbow reflector.


"A Marvellous Musical"

Miss Mary explores wind and air with the children and tells a mysterious story about travelling on a magic carpet to a faraway land. Let's all jump aboard our own flying carpets and join Miss Mary on her wonderful adventure! There is singing, musical instruments to play and bubbles too! What a jolly good time we will have together on this storytelling adventure!


"Marvellous Kites"

A creative arts and science workshop where the children  will explore the wind, floating and flying. The children will be invited to interact with musical scarves and will be able to make their own decorated paper kite to take home.


Musical Sessions for Littlies

Baby and Toddler Sessions
These sessions are catering to the needs of early learning centres and are booked as a double session, or as a triple session if adding in a Five Senses with Fairy Rebecca storytelling session for the Pre Kindy and Kindy age groups. Each session is specifically designed for a particular age group and run for 25 minutes. These experiences are filled with beautiful singing, music, dancing and storytelling.


Sing With Me or Baby Rhyme Time
These sessions are designed for libraries who would like me to do a presentation to parents about the "Sing With Me" Packs from Better Beginnings or a Baby Rhyme Time to complement an established program. The sessions involve a short speech to the parents and caregivers in the room before we launch into lots of lovely singing, dancing and listening to the Sing With Me feature story, and plenty of bounces, rhymes and fun for the baby sessions. 


Storytelling shows usually run for a length of 50 minutes, musical sessions for 30-45 minutes + and art sessions for 1 hour. 
My sessions are best suited to children aged 3-7 years, however I am able to tailor them to suit younger audiences on request.