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Storytelling Incursions

Traditional Fairytales

"Goldilocks and The Three Bears"

My name is Aria Belle, and I have a very famous sister..... Her name is Goldilocks! This classic tale comes to life as I use all of my very special storytelling skills, but I'm going to need help from the audience, with lots of singing and dancing of course! My teddy friends, The Three Bears, will join us and I would love for your ted to come along too!

Two wonderful shows on offer! 

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" or "A Very Moo-sical Day featuring The Three Little Pigs."

Classic fairytales brought to life! Full of educational goodness and a rich learning experience that the children will be captivated by. The children will participate in the story and there will be musical instruments, delightful props and an array of storytelling skills on display as we sing and play together on the special day Becky Buckaroo comes for a visit!

Fair dinkum, Bonza!

Plus two wonderful new storytelling shows! 

Little Red Riding Hood

This classic fairytale comes to life through the magic of rich language and my super special storytelling apron! Costuming, props, vivid imagery, music and movement all play an important role to support the children's imaginations and engage them in a dynamic literacy experience! Audience participation and a focus on friendship and problem solving are key elements that can be found in all of my shows!

Jack and The Beanstalk

Long ago lived a boy who grew the biggest beanstalk you ever did see! With the help of my famous big booming drum, a number of special props, and lots of singing and dancing, the story of the magic beans from Once Upon a Time will unfold into a delightful dramatic experience. Seamlessly threaded throughout the story will be Maths and Science concepts, making this a wonderful integrated learning session.

Australian Focus

"Becky Buckaroo's Ooey Gooey Stew"

Becky Buckaroo loves nothing more than sharing tales of her awesome adventures in the Australian outback. Join her as she involves the children in this well loved story of an unsuspecting wombat, with a range of Australian animal puppet friends, rollicking theatrics and imaginative cooking malarkey! Best of all, see Becky Buckaroo transform into the very cheeky Dingo character from the story before your eyes!

"A Visit from the Nature Pixie"

The enchanting Nature Pixie is back to tell you more tales of delightful little Pip and Rascal, the bush buddies who live in the tallest gum tree in Australia! This time the two friends go on another adventure into the bush and meet many new amazing animals who help them along the way. What will they learn that will be the best discovery of all?! A focus on friendship, kindness and caring for our world is featured in this delightful experience. Singing, pixie magic and Australian animal puppets and props will sweep children up in the wonder of The Nature Pixie.

Plus a wonderful new storytelling show!

The Little Lost Quokka

G'Day from WA! This is an original local tale written by Rebecca Jane Flanagan, about a little quokka who gets separated from his home on Rottnest Island. Ollie finds himself on the Rottnest Express ferry after falling into the luggage of a family headed back to Fremantle! He meets the household pets and local native wildlife and wonders if he will EVER get back home. One night, as slumbers under the stars, he hears footsteps... Could it be someone to help?

The World Around Us

"Ocean Kindness"

There lived a mermaid long ago......

Ocean Magic is an enchanting storytelling show for young children. This imaginative, environment focused experience sees Ocean Princess "Sapphire" tell the story of a dolphin in need and her discovery of plastic in the ocean. The children must help by being problem solvers and help Sapphire and the dolphin with their amazing ideas! Mermaids, pirates, treasure and more sea creatures feature in this ocean tale.

"A Marvellous Musical"

Miss Mary explores wind and air with the children and tells a mysterious story about travelling on a magic carpet to a faraway land. Let's all jump aboard our own flying carpets and join Miss Mary on her wonderful adventure! There is singing, musical instruments to play and bubbles too! What a jolly good time we will have together on this storytelling adventure!

Learning About Our Senses with Fairy Rebecca

A very special session designed for  children aged 3-5 years old. Fairy Rebecca performs a gentle storytelling session with lots of interactive elements. We focus on the five senses, in particular the sense of hearing, with a particular emphasis on  music. We will sing, dance and make music with rainbow scarves and bubbles to feature and bring the magic to life! A wonderful story incorporating puppets and sounds will be told to give this well rounded experience that extra sparkle. This session is perfect for Kindy.

Musical Sessions for Littlies

Babies and Toddlers: Early Learning Centres

Each session is specifically designed for a particular age group and run for a shorter time of 20 -30 minutes. These experiences are filled with beautiful singing, music, dancing and storytelling.

Sing With Me or Baby Rhyme Time: Libraries

These sessions are designed especially for libraries who would like me to do a presentation to parents about the "Sing With Me" Packs from Better Beginnings or a Baby Rhyme Time to complement an established program. The sessions involve a short speech to the parents and caregivers in the room before we launch into lots of lovely singing, dancing and listening to the Sing With Me feature story, and plenty of bounces, rhymes and fun for the baby sessions. 

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