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Rebecca Jane Flanagan

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"Nurturing Imaginations"

As a specialist in the early childhood education field, Rebecca Jane Flanagan is a education facilitator who has the sparkle and the charisma to completely enchant children, in addition to the imperative knowledge and understanding of their learning and development. This is what sets her storytelling incursions and training workshops apart from all others.......

Rebecca Jane Flanagan is one of Western Australia’s favourite children’s educational specialist performers, with a delightful list of storytelling incursions for young children including "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", "Goldilocks", "A Moosical Day", “Tales with Ballerina Bunny”, “Adventures with Rainbow Butterfly”, “A Visit from the Nature Pixie", "Ocean Magic" and “The Christmas Tree Fairy”, plus workshops where the children will create lovely art pieces during the session. Primary schools, early childhood centres, libraries, community centres, national and local event organisers and charities are just some of the clientele that book Rebecca to enchant children and families with her high quality performances.

Rebecca’s passion for the arts in education, connecting children with nature and advocacy for play based learning are evident in her magical performances for children and engaging workshops for early childhood staff. Rebecca’s early years professional development seminars focus on bringing music and the arts into every day spent with children, including simple and engaging music and movement ideas for mat time, transitions and spontaneous moments.

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